SEO Training and Workshop


Thursday, May 12, 9 – 11 AM


Unleash the Power of SEO

This in-person SEO training and workshop provides you with an understanding of SEO, relevant techniques needed for in-page SEO and tools they require to give your website to be in-page SEO ready. Learn More



What is included

  • One hour of in-depth training on SEO and notes to take home for reference
  • Workshop led by Urmila Singhal, Founder of Om Spark
  • Coffee, tea, Snacks


Thursday, May 12

9:00 – 11:00 am

ThinkSpace, Redmond

Cost: $150

This SEO training and workshop is designed for businesses looking to make the most of their online marketing activities by maximizing the amount of traffic their sites receive from search engines.

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Upon completion of this SEO training and workshop, you will be able to effectively optimize your website for Search Engines for in-page SEO.

Conducted by

Urmila Singhal Om Spark

Urmila Singhal

Founder, Om Spark