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Create a Facebook business profile to attract customers on Facebook

What is Facebook Business Page?

A Facebook Business Page gives your business a voice on Facebook. You can use your Facebook page to help you find new customers and stay connected with people.


Facebook Business Page is not only about connecting with people. It is about building that online relationship with your prospective and existing clients.

Social Media Presence for your Business

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Facebook for Business

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Why is Facebook profile important?

Social media is not just about marketing, it is about building a trustworthy relationship with people you can connect on an emotional level. 


On a personal level, I have always believed in my social circle and the strength it has in my day to day choices in life. From the time we are young kids through our teens to our adulthood, our social circle has a very big impact on what and how we choose our products and services. I took it one step further when I bought my current home 8 years ago. There were 7 friends who were buying a home in the neighborhood and during a casual dinner party on Friday evening they convinced us to buy a home in the neighborhood. On Saturday morning, we signed the paperwork for building a new home in the neighborhood. This is the impact that your social circle (word of mouth) has on you.

Facebook Business Page – What am I getting?

Connect with your existing and prospective clients on Social Media by having a professional business page for your business or service.

Custom Collage

Custom Collage

Custom collage image for cover

Detailed Information

Detailed Profile

Detailed About section including description, contact info, maps, hours, prices, products, services, etc.

Custom URL

Custom URL

Custom Facebook page URL


Showcase your business photos

Photo albums and photos

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