Our Design Process

We believe in creating sustainable client value and exceeding your expectations. We believe that the secret to happy customer lies in the ability to deeply engage with you at every step in the process and to earn your trust and respect as your online branding and marketing partner.

Every business is unique and has a different set of goals, requirements, challenges and needs. At the heart of our customer centric design philosophy is our ability to listen to you, research your needs, perform competitive analysis, strategize the game plan, recommend options, create the solution, refine the results and keep you informed at every step of the way.

As we partner with you to build your online brand and boost your marketing, we have built an interaction pattern that we cherish and our clients absolutely love. Whether we are designing your website, improving your website SEO, building business profiles or helping you with search and Facebook advertising, our engagement steps will remain similar in nature.

1. First and foremost, we LISTEN to you.

First and foremost, we LISTEN to you. Every client has a story, a history on how they conceived their business, what their values, goals and hopes are and their expectations for their online presence. Every project for us starts with us meeting with you, listening carefully to you, understanding your needs and asking a lot of clarifying questions throughout the way. This helps us in building something for you that accurately reflects your ideals, needs and desires.

2. Customer research and competitive analysis

In the next phase we research your customers and perform competitive analysis. As we start the process of understanding your needs, we take a hard look at your competition or similar businesses and keep your customers’ needs and their interaction patterns with your business at the top of mind. This allows us to build better websites that retain your customers longer, keep them engaged with your product and outperform your competition by providing extra features that their online presence may not have.

3. Content Planning

Content Planning is the next stage where we define the design elements and content for your online presence. Website creation is an art and science. A website is not a simple collection of pages. It should reflect your business, your viewpoint and meet the expectations of your customers. We have built expertise and knowledge on different business verticals that allow us to efficiently design a navigational outline for your website that will perform best with your customers. Here are a few things that are engage on with you as we build your online presence:

  • Helping you choose the right and relevant domain name (we take care of website registration, hosting and maintenance for you)
  • Providing top 5 recommendations on themes and design patterns for your web site. This comes from our experience of knowing and understanding over 500 different themes, their strengths and your needs
  • The layout of the web pages for best navigation
  • A menu system that reflects your site
  • Multiple color schemes that play well with the theme and design elements
  • Working with you to design a logo that reflects your brand
  • Social media integration on website
  • Customer testimonials from Yelp, Facebook, Google+ and other sources
  • Blog design and creation
  • Service catalog that showcases your products, services and pricing
  • Your portfolio of existing clients that you proudly want to showcase to your new and prospective clients
  • Details about you and your business, your vision, mission, quality
  • A great contact page that allows your customers to reach to you and for you to get to know your customers better
  • A superior collection of photos (that either you provide or we propose) that enhance the look and feel of your website
  • Discuss payment options for your customers (e.g. PayPal, Square, etc.) if your web presence needs it

4. Domain registration, hosting and WordPress setup

Once we have the basic information from you, we register your domain, create and setup your hosting account and install and configure WordPress. A this point, we discuss and finalize your theme and install the relevant plugins that you would need. We have built a repository of around 20 different high quality plugins that will help your website reach its full potential.

5. Design and Development

Now that we have all relevant information from you and basics of hosting taken care of, we un-leash our creative skills and start building your online presence. Depending on how you like to provide feedback, we can send your progress updates on a daily basis or at key milestones. Here is where your will start to see your vision and ideas come to life in form of colorful design and beautiful presentations.


6. Review Feedback and adjustments

At the center of our design philosophy is a happy customer. Your feedback and satisfaction are extremely important to us. We share with you our approach and design and hope that you will share what you liked and things you would like to be changed. Maybe you liked a light green color palette to start with but as you see the website evolve, you may want to change that to light blue. It’s totally ok. We expect and plan for these subtle (or big changes) in our planning process. At the end of the day, the goal is to make you happy and build you a website that reflects your ideals.

7. Finishing touches

Once we have nailed down all the design and visual elements, it is the time to give finishing touches. We make sure that your each and every page on your website is fully responsive (shows well on all browsers and mobile devices such as iPad and smartphones). As part of our core value add, we always setup SEO (Search Engine optimization) and website analytics on all our client websites. Full website and database backups are also always created for our valued clients.

8. Go Live! Time

The most anticipated part of our business is when your website is ready to GO LIVE! We have a 15 point pre-launch check-list that includes checking website’s content, links, performance, caching, backup, etc. On launch, we notify all major search engines of the new website and content.

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