omspark-10-SEO-Tricks-you-must-know-to-be-successful-onlineThe key to online marketing is and always has been search engines. If you want people to visit your company’s website, you must rank high and you must know how to do it.

For this purpose, we’ve compiled a list of 10 SEO tricks you must know to be successful online. These were carefully picked to be relevant in 2017. If you want more views to your website, here it is:


Google Guidelines

For anyone who’s serious about SEO, Google has released its search quality guidelines to the public. The 146 pages’ document explains what the search engine is looking for when ranking websites, so you might want to read it.


Get rich with rich answers

The rich answer box appears more and more thanks to people wanting quick results and due to the rise of cell phone browsing. The more prominent it gets, the more you want to optimize for it. There are plenty of guides online, so we won’t go too deep here. Just keep it in mind the next time you optimize an article.


The Mobilegeddon

As mentioned above, mobile devices are today’s most used browsing tools, and Google too is trying to adjust. Its latest update is meant to encourage mobile friendly, fast loading websites, so you best make sure yours fits the criteria.


Broken Links

Old links on Wikipedia and other websites sometimes lead to nowhere. The pages they led to got deleted, but the links are still there. So, why not do the site owner a favor and offer to replace it with one of your own? S/he will thank you, and you’ll get free links from a reputable source for your trouble.


Update old posts

If your website’s been up for a couple years now, surely you’ve got newer and better ideas for your audience. So, why not update old blog posts. Add your new thoughts, delete outdated ones, then promote the hell out of it. Your traffic to that page will sometimes increase by more than 100%.


The trick to epic titles and meta descriptions

You’re not looking for a title that’s pretty. You’re looking for one people will click on. If you don’t have the time to do hundreds of tests on different titles and descriptions, why not get some inspiration from Adwords? They’ve already done the work. Check out their ads for your keyword, and you’re bound to find something useful.


Nice words go far

Even if you’re trying to improve your own Google standing, it’s always a good idea to give praise where it’s warranted to those who’ve inspired your work. Then, find out their email address and tell them about it. They just might thank you with a share or 2.


Juice up your pages

Got an article on Google’s 3’d page? It might as well be on the 30’th. To lift it up in the rankings, why not send some links its way? You don’t have to ask others for help; do it yourself in your other articles. Find reasons to link to that particular page and its standing will rise accordingly.


First links come first

Though links work, don’t bother putting 5 of them to a single page in one article. If you have more than 1 link leading to a certain page in 1 article, Google will take the first into consideration and ignore the rest.


Long content

For obvious reasons, Google prefers pages with lots of content over those with barely any. Most pages nowadays are 300-500 words in length. If you really want to get noticed, making yours above 1000 just might work.

Any one of the above can drastically improve your ranking, but it won’t work to just read them. If you want genuine results for your website, pick one and implement now. Action is key. Get to it!

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