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What is Analytics?

Google Analytics is the enterprise-class web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness.

Through Google Analytics, you can understand and analyze the traffic to your site in a detailed, comprehensive way. You can strengthen your marketing initiatives and also create higher converting websites using the data and analysis of your website traffic.


Google Analytics is not just about reading numbers about your traffic. It is about how to creating an action plan for improving your website traffic

Understand your traffic

Need to analyze the traffic that visits your website?

Analytics Dashboard

Website visitor knowledge

Understand your website audience through analytics


Why is Analytics important?

When my daughter was in Kindergarten, she came to me asking me why we have the number zero (0). She said that if you add anything to it, the number does not change and if you subtract anything from it the number does not change. I explained to her in as simple terms as possible that for numbers you need a starting point and that is why we have the number zero which is also called a separator.

Just as we have a starting point for numbers, we also need to have a starting point in our data analytics. This is also called base lining. We need to be able to measure different types of numbers also called as KPI (key performance indicators). Everything that we do needs to be measurable and working towards an end point or goal. Also, the goal needs to be reevaluated regularly and updated as appropriate.

If somebody tells you that they have 100 visitors to their site, it means absolutely nothing. Was this number for a day, a week or a month? How many visitors did their site have earlier? Where is their traffic coming from? What is the quality of the traffic? Are their goals defined for the website traffic?

Do you want to understand your traffic data better?

Google Analytics – What am I getting?

You already have a website and people are visiting your website and would like to know better statistics on about how many people visit your website, from where they are visiting, what content is appreciated.

Analytics Enablement

Analytics Enablement

Enabling analytics across your entire website

Provide monthly analytics report

Detailed analytics report

Collect, Curate and provide an analytics report with action items covering website traffic, health and recommendations

Monthly Report with an action plan

Monthly Report with an action plan

Monthly analytics report about website traffic, health and recommendations across Website, Yelp and Facebook

Are you ready to learn more about your website traffic?

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