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What is web hosting?

A web hosting provider (also known as a hosting provider or website hosting) is a service provider that allows websites to be accessible through the World Wide Web (www). It is a server that provides housing (space), maintaining, serving files and provide internet connectivity for your website so that users can view the content of your website. It assigns an address (DNS – domain name system) for your files to your domain so that anyone can find your site on the internet by using your domain name.

If you decide to own a domain, you will need to host your domain. There are many different options available. You can read about it here.

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Website Hosting and WordPress management
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Why do I need web hosting?

Websites are like babies. They need to be constantly maintained. Like every software, bug and security vulnerabilities are discovered over time. It is critical to keep your WordPress core installation, your theme and various plugins up to date with their latest versions to avoid getting your site hacked.

Generally, updating the website is more or less a simple process, but sometimes, upgrading to a newer version can cause your content to look weird. Or worst case, it may stop working all together. We collectively manage 100’s of websites and have expertise and in-depth knowledge on themes and plugin compatibility issues. We also have advanced monitoring that allows us to have a bird’s eye view of all installation issues and fix them.

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What is WordPress Management?

Every website (even those that do not have active new content) need management. Here is a breakdown of weekly and monthly activities that are involved in managing the WordPress system:

  1. WordPress platform (on which your site runs), periodically release new major updates. These updates need to be tested before they can be applied to your website to make sure it does not break the website.
  2. Your theme also gets updated periodically by its developers. This includes critical security fixes and responsive design updates.
  3. The plugins on your website also get updated often. Most of the time, it is for fixing security vulnerabilities in them to avoid hacking of your website.
  4. Last, but not least, we do monthly backups of the entire website and databases to mitigate the unfortunate situation of website hacking or complete deletion.

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Website Hosting and WordPress Management

What am I getting?

Do you already have a website but do not have the time or bandwidth to maintain it? No worries. We will take care of that process for you.


DNS maintenance at Domain registrar

Complete hosting platform management

WordPress core, theme and plugins maintenance

Full back up of files and database

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