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Urmila Singhal is a software professional with over two decade’s experience. She is the founder and CEO of Om Spark, a digital marketing company. Urmila is successfully leading her company since 2013 and is driving the company with corporate clients, small and medium sized businesses and training teams.

Om Spark Corporate Consulting Services include Corporate Consulting, Deep Dive Analytics, Training, Website Creation & Management, SEO, SEM and Online Advertising.

Her responsibilities include Product Development, Business Development, Strategy, Sales, Marketing, Consulting, Training and Technical Implementation.

She has grown the company to over 75 SMB and corporate clients.

Total number of positive reviews are over 70.

Prior to Om Spark, Urmila has been in the software industry for over 2 decades including 12 years at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. She worked in different teams including Bing Ads, Windows Server, BizTalk during this period. Some of the honors she received during this time included the Innovation Award Winner, authored over 10 technical papers, Patent and the attended/GA the Dale Carnegie Leadership program.

Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Corporate Consulting Services

Strategy Development

Om Spark Strategy Development

Designed & drove strategy, implementation and communication with clients, partners, vendors, legal team and the development team. This included reviewing high profile accounts using deep dive analytics and helped the clients on-board the new platform. Drove multi-million-dollar deal reviews between my client, their partners/clients & the legal teams.

Deep Dive Analytics

Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Drove deep dives analytics for data traffic analysis including obtaining, analyzing, identifying historical trends and providing optimizations and insights to make decisions for the deal. Defined & Built the Advertiser Performance Diagnostics product to identify change patterns in KPI’s Created a KPI dashboard platform to understand products usage including demand growth and advertiser measurement. Advanced Forecasting is a new initiative to allow advertiser determining future performance and opportunity.

Online Advertising

Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Helped companies and their Digital Marketing Team with strategies, processes, best practices and technical implementation of the different Online Advertising means including SEM (Google adWords, Bing), Display (Google, Bing), Social Media advertising, other means of advertising. Managed all aspects of digital marketing from landing page creation to SEO to different types of advertising including A/B testing.


Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Helped companies with their in-page SEO, website performance and off-page SEO to improve their ranking in Search Results. This included a deep understanding of the business, their website, competitors and what their prospective clients were searching for.

Product Management

Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Directed engineering teams to build solutions based on strong design and sound architectural principles and evangelize the product to customers. Led product planning by blending industry trends and customer development with focus on ROI across online services, consumer and enterprise products. Nurtured partner and vendor relationships across geographically distributed teams.


Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Trained individuals & companies on different aspects of Digital Marketing (SEO, Online Advertising, Website) and Product Management (Program, Project) to grow both their theory knowledge and experience on the subject.

Website Design

Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Designed, developed and implemented simple landing pages for Online Advertising, Static Websites for SMB, eCommerce websites for medium sized companies and helped bigger companies.

Digital Marketing

Om Spark Corporate Consulting

Successfully enabled businesses with direct revenue impacts in establishing their web presence, increasing customer outreach through Search Engine Optimization (SEO – Bing, Google), Search Engine Marketing (SEM – Bing Ads, Google AdWords) and increase Return on investment (ROI) through deep dive analytics (Google Analytics).


Have you ever tried to learn how to use Google Adwords effectively?

Well, I gave it a shot once, and within a month I realized something I should have admitted to myself the moment I set eyes on Adword’s overly complicated control dashboard: Advertising with effective SEO management is a full time job, and you can spend a lot of time, energy, and money only to be marginally less than terrible at it.

I went looking for a subject matter expert. Someone I could be comfortable throwing a project at and know it was in good hands, where I would be kept in the loop only when I wanted to be. I reached out to a business acquaintance for a referral and a few days later I handed this project over to Om Spark. Urmila and I exchanged a few conference calls to understand what I was hoping to accomplish and she zeroed in on the best strategy for my business. Once I approved, she implemented.

That was half a year ago and I’ve never regretted it. Since then she has rigorously monitored and maintained my advertising projects. My experience of working with Urmila has been one of professionalism, expertise, prompt replies, and rapid turn around. Further, I’ve thrown her a few curve ball requests since we started working together. Stuff that was only loosely related to our original contract, and that I didn’t have the wherewithal to even get started on. Urmila did the research, sent me a project plan, and made contact with all the folks I needed to be talking to.

So, if you’re like me, and want to get back to whatever it is you do for business instead of ‘marketing’ said business, Om Spark is a solution you can trust.

Todd Hodges

About Urmila Singhal

Urmila Singhal has been in the software industry for over two decades, including 12 years at Microsoft. For 6 years, she was part of the Bing Ads Engineering team working on incubation projects, helping Microsoft partners with their Bing Ads strategy and implementation on the platform.

She has successfully enabled businesses with direct revenue impacts in establishing their web presence, increasing customer outreach through Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising and increasing return on investment through deep dive analytics.

In summary, she has

  • Two decades of experience in creating and driving vision and strategy across product design and development, improving customer experiences and team building
  • Over a decade of Digital Marketing experience including Online Advertising, SEO & deep dive analytics.
  • Empowering businesses in leveraging social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) to expand, grow and strengthen their markets, optimize advertising budgets and build brands.
  • Data analytics expert dealing with terabytes of data including defining data products for analytics & optimization, advanced forecasting, advertiser performance diagnostics, defining and measure them.
Om Spark Urmila Singhal

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About Om Spark

Om Spark

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Om Spark is a Digital Marketing Partner focused on Website Design, SEO, Branding, Online Advertising & Analytics that can help you with all your online marketing needs. It enables you and your business to be successful in the online world.
Om Spark provides services that will empower you to build and enhance your web presence, increase your return on investment (ROI) using advertising/social media and analytically measure your success through in depth analytics.

  • Over 75+ SMB and corporate clients
  • Om Spark helped its SMB clients with strategy, website design, SEO, online advertising & deep dive analytics. Om Spark helped its corporate clients with online presence, digital marketing strategies, best practices, research and building teams
  • Designed and Created 50+ websites
  • Search Engine Optimization and review website for over 25 clients
  • Online Advertising & Social Media for over 15 clients
  • 23 reviews on Facebook
  • 7 reviews on Google+
  • 14 reviews on Yelp
  • 29 reviews on LinkedIn

Industries verticals served include Health Care, Vets, Beauty, Massage, Real Estate, Business, Life, Toys, Education, Training, Products, Services, Corporates, etc.