Content is King, we have heard this so many times in the online world.

If I were to share the same post every single day on Facebook, what would my friends possibly do? Some of them might start ignoring my posts, others might stop following me and the highly impatient ones would un-friend me. Do you like to view new, different and interesting information on your Facebook feeds regularly?

Clients like to see new data about your business. They would like know when you change locations or announcements/promotions about your business. To keep your customers informed and happy, you need to ensure your data is accurate and fresh. If you can share tips or useful information with them, they would appreciate it and that is an easy way to keep your content fresh.

Our Search Engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) also like fresh content. In the online world, we have a saying “Content is King”. To make sure our Search Engines love you and your business, update your content regularly by keeping it fresh and your website will be where you want it to be – on the first page of your prospective clients search results.

Content is King

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