A common question people ask is “How to Create an Online Presence for Your Business”. Business always needs to be present at every place where its potential market can be found. But it is difficult to be everywhere when your target market has spread across the world. In this case online presence can be your best solution! How To Create An Online Presence For Your Presence

What is online presence?

An online presence is a kind of virtual existence of any individual or business that can be found through internet.

Online presence makes your business accessible from every corner of the world and helps in increasing your business awareness. Either your business is small or large, it demands marketing efforts to influence your customers and boost sales. Online presence helps you to promote your business and locate yourself near to your target market. But it cannot happen overnight.

Online presence needs time and consistent efforts to stand you apart in the online world where there is already a clutter of other brand names competing hard to survive and sustain for maintaining their positions online. If you keep on focusing on your aims and tracking your performance it will give you fruitful results in the form of increased followers, leads, number of loyal customers and ultimately better Sales.

Here are some of the ways listed through which you can create an online presence for your business.

  1. Create a Website

Website is the tool through which people around the world can find you, so it is extremely important for business to make its appearance unique on website. Businesses today, try to develop their websites in such a creative way that maximizes the attention of their customers. In other words, number of people visit your website depends upon how appealing your website is. You need to make sure that any content of your website does not deviate from the goal of your business or is irrelevant from your potential and existing market, as a website is the best online destination to market all your products and services and to always be within reach of all the prospective customers. It is noticeable that most established businesses either do not have websites or they do not manage their website to persuade the online mob. Basic website creation nowadays is very easy, anyone can develop a website on platforms such as WordPress/Joomla which are tools where you can set up your website easily and look professional to others. Making a website is not enough, you need to keep an eye on the performance and make timely changes when required.


  1. Search Engine Optimization

People can only find your product or service through search, for this you need to optimize your content on search engine. People mostly prefer to visit websites that appears on the top or at the first page of search engine hence therefore, it becomes essential for a business to optimize its content and keywords to get maximum traffic. To achieve this, you need to know what keywords your potential and existing market use similar to your business. You can use Google Keyword tool to find out keywords relevant to your business.


  1. Be Socially Active

In order to build your online presence, it is much vital to become socially active on social media channels and get connected with your customers. There are number of social media platforms which can help you in finding touch points of your customer such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and many others. You need to analyze every channel and decide upon how relevant it is to your business. Once you decide upon social media channel, you can get the idea about what content you can share. You can share images, videos, blogs and any other relevant content but make sure all this material grasps attention of your target market so that they will ‘like’ and comment on your post. Remember social media is the platform to build relationship with your customers; you can take the advantage by using it in efficient way.


  1. Performance Analysis

Another important factor that should be considered when focusing on online presence is to measure your performance and see how effective your efforts towards reaching your goal. You can set performance indicators to measure your performance and track online status for example; if you had a goal to increase your brand awareness you can measure number of followers and number of people who made comments and posted their ‘likes’. Similarly, you can set indicators for each goal.


Ways discussed above, are effective in building online presence but there is much more to explore. Today, marketers try to introduce new ways that enhance their online presence and make their position admirable in the virtual world; you can find your own way that can help your business to grow.

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