My business has thrived thanks to Urmila and her expertise!! I cannot recommend her enough. In fact, I have recommended a number of friends to her and they’re equally as satisfied.

I relocated across the country and transferred my business (which can be scary for a small business owner) and I have been able to successfully thrive in my new location thanks to Urmila! She has a vast, deep understand of internet search engines, and with her guidance I transitioned FLAWLESSLY without having to work so hard. I am thoroughly impressed, and grateful! I’m about to transfer again to another state, and am 100% confident I’m in great hands.

She helped redesign my website making it much more friendly for me to manage on my own via WordPress, and helped tag my website with important key words so I can easily be found. She helps not only with your online presence but she is able to help you have an in depth understanding of the analytics of your website. This information is very helpful, though it’s much more in depth than I care to know about or manage.

Urmila is very professional and is EXTREMELY dedicated to deliver you with the best service. She goes above and beyond my expectations time and time again, and I’m so fortunate to have her help. I am positive my business has taken off so well because of her expertise. Working with Urmila will be one of the BEST business decisions you could make – this is one investment you can feel confident with! You will be pleased beyond your expectations!!! I can’t thank her enough.

Melissa PeilOwnerMystical AwakeningsBoston

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