If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. – Bill Gates

10 Simple And Effective Ways to Brand Your Business Online

Branding means marketing strategy to create a unique symbol, logo or slogan that helps you to differentiate your business from others. But branding demands promotional efforts that involves millions of dollar to get desired results. Small business cannot spend such a big amount due to limited budget, Thanks to the technology that has taken the business to the online world with easy peasy ways. Internet provides the platform where every business can brand itself online through internet and deliver their marketing message to every corner of the world within short time. Marketers have understood that online communities can work best as Viral marketing because people talk about their experience with others that can help to bring new visitors to your website or social media page. Online business have become such an important tool for branding that every day marketers are trying to explore new ways to get connected with their customers online because it saves their time, helps in prompt reply of complaints and queries and is less costly than other marketing tools. In short it has become vital for every business to build strong online image.

Here are some of the effective and simple ways through which you can successfully brand your business online.

  1. Create Professional Logo

If you want your customers to identify you among the crowd, you need to create a unique and professional logo for your business. You have to make sure it is meaningful, related to your business and appealing for target market. You can design it with your IT team or ask other famous sites to design a logo for you that offer logo designing at affordable prices.

  1. Be Active on Social Media

Having a website or a Facebook page is not enough to feel your presence on social media, you have to be conversational and interactive on all platforms from where you get connected with your customers. You have to share images, videos, and blogs, reply direct messages and make sure there is a positive word of mouth about you. Remember that social media is the place where people talk about you so; you have to be careful in your conversation and resolving complaints because negative comments can turn your existing and prospect customers into lost customers.

  1. Add Testimonials To Build Credibility

Your potential customers may want to know with whom you have worked and their experience with you. For this, you need to add testimonials of your satisfied customers; it will convey a positive marketing message that adds value to your business and enhances credibility.

  1. Optimize Website on Search Engine

Creating and maintaining a website is very important but optimizing a website is important too. To get more traffic on your website, you need to apply SEO tools to have your website at the top of the search engine page when customers search for a keyword related to your business.

  1. Start Blogging

Blogs are the easiest and inexpensive way to brand your business online. You just need to give time and generate creative content that grabs attention of visitors. The content should be unique and interesting that motivate your visitors to write comment or post another blog.

  1. YouTube/Facebook Ad

Make a video depicting your business and upload it on Facebook and YouTube. Make sure advertisement should be fresh and related with your products and services. This can be an effective way for businesses targeting niche.

  1. Conduct An Online Survey

Conducting online surveys is an effective way to track your performance. Ask your customers to give reviews about your performance and always welcome recommendations/suggestions coming from them. It will give them impact that you are interested in involving customers and value their opinions.

  1. Be Consistent

Once you succeed in your aim of being present online, you should not be stuck with it. It requires consistency for which you need to be vigilant by sense and respond to the changes occurring in the industry. Adapt those changes and revisit your plans according to them.

  1. Engage Industry Influencer

Add industry related influencers to talk or comment on your content. You can use twitter as a tool in this regard. Advanced twitter search can help you to find influencer related to your market.

  1. Back Links

Back links are connections that are related to your business in some way and link back to your website. If you are doing any charitable work or sponsorship, make sure your website appears on the website of that organization so that it will link back to your site. If you are working with vendors, make sure your website or name is present on their updated list of partners.


If you want your business to stand out from the clutter, make it easy for your customers to find you.  You have to be proficient in understanding the behavior of online community, which helps you to stay ahead from your competition.

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