Our team was challenged to complete the adCenter Certification before March ‘11 by our manager. If I had to give a certification on pubCenter or the Bing API or PSAPI, I would have given it without a blink. I have worked on it for over 18 months and was very comfortable with it. With adCenter, it was a different story. I was relatively new and was just beginning to learn about the advertiser side of the business for a few months. There were too many things that I did not know. I decided to bite the bullet, put in some time and complete the certification as I hate to leave things for the last minute. I spent a full week of studying and practicing the different features of adCenter. I diligently went through all the awesome videos that adCenter certification provides.

I only referred to the following for my certification – http://advertising.microsoft.com/support-center/training-accreditation/adcenter-training. On Friday, I completed all the videos and wanted to take the certification the following week. After a long day of shopping on Saturday, I decided to give the exam late in the evening as I did not like waiting. Although my speed is usually good, I lost my internet connection for about 10 minutes and only managed to finish the exam 2 minutes before the 90 minute mark. So definitely give yourself 60 – 90 minutes to complete the exam. You get the score almost instantly and I got a 91%. The major area that I lost was “tracking ad performance” and “adCenter Budgeting and Billing”

You have 100 questions that you need to finish in 90 minutes. Currently, there is a deal going on where you can take the exam for free http://community.microsoftadvertising.com/en/small-business/adcenter/b/advertiser/archive/2012/03/08/stay-current-on-your-microsoft-advertising-adcenter-knowledge-and-get-accredited-for-free-smb-smallbusiness-smallbiz-ppc-sem-training.aspx

The topics on which you are tested are

      1.       Introduction to Microsoft adCenter

      2.       Getting Started

      3.       Targeting

      4.       Tracking Ad Performance

      5.       Optimizing Ad Performance

      6.       Microsoft adCenter Budgeting and Billing

      7.       Microsoft adCenter Desktop

If you have used adCenter, the exam should be a piece of cake. They are all multiple answer questions.  Review the videos and read the notes and you should be all set to be certified in it. My biggest problem with exams is that I like to read notes as I prepare for it and since there was none available on the net, I decided to create my own notes. The next couple of blogs will be about the notes that I prepared for the certification.

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