This blog covers the chapter “Tracking ad performance”
The topics included in this post are:

  • adCenter Reports
  • Where is my ad?
  • Editorial Review


AdCenter Reports

  • Delivery reports provide information about account, campaign, ad group, ads, keywords, dynamic text, destination URL, website placement, publisher placement, audience segment, search query
  • Billing and budget reports track how much is being spent
  • Targeting reports track which audiences a campaign is reaching (age, gender, demographics)
  • Campaign analytics report track conversions, revenue, costs, visitor behavior (conversions/goals, traffic sources, segments, tactics and channels)
  • History reports track changes made to your campaign


Where is my adCenter Ad?


  • Use the adPreview tool to preview which ads are delivered for a particular keyword without affecting the impressions or CTR for your campaign.
  • Check for impressions for keywords to figure if the ad has been delivered on a search results page.
  • If your ad is receiving impressions, it might be a low quality ad due to quality based ad rank:
  • You ad will not appear in mainline if it is below the mainline threshold or the minimum ad performance threshold
  • To improve your quality rank, increase your bid, improve the ad quality, relevance and landing pages and improve the performance (CTR).
  • Also, check the bid estimates for a keyword
  • Check your search query, targeting options and browser settings
  • Check at which point your ad is not receiving impressions – account, campaign, ad group
  • If it is at an account level, verify that the account is active and the payment information is correct. Deleting an account deletes all the associated campaigns in it

Editorial Review

  • Inline Ad review: Immediate inline editorial feedback helps you update your ad so it adheres to basic editorial guidelines. Items that require immediate action are highlighted.
  • Inline keyword review: allows you to correct basic keyword issues before you set your bid. Errors must be set before you can set the bid.
  • Active ads/keywords are available for display.
  • Registered trademarks might require review for proper use.
  • If ads are disapproved, you will be notified in the alert panel of your page. Email is also sent for it. You can also view it in the Disapproved Ads and Keywords in the Tools tab.
  • Appealing editorial disapprovals: If an approval is denied after appealing, the decision is final.

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