From the time I have been a kid, I have always been fond of dancing. Surprise, when I started learning Bhangra (Punjabi,Indian style of dance) a couple of weeks ago, it was a strange concept trying to learn something new, coordinate it with music and be graceful at the same time. Our teacher is an awesome person who would share the videos at the end of each class providing details about what were the errors and how to improve it. I learnt as much as possible in class asking questions, learnt from the mistakes and observed in the video where I could improve. It became easier as the weeks went by and I could relate to the music and the steps. Doing it regularly was bliss and had advantages of better health and me being happier but it required persistence.

I know many folks who spent a lot of money, time, and energy in initially building their website. Many years pass but they never go back and look at their website with a fresh eye. Does their website still resonate with them? Should they update their color, logo or font to feel better for themselves? What about making sure their website is ready for the ever changing strategies in the SEO and SEM world. Have they looked at the latest Social Media, reference tools available online?

There are more websites, products, tools than I will ever be able to list on the web to help improve your online presence, but below is a list of strategies for some of the tools/products currently available online.

SEO strategies:

SEM strategies:

Facebook strategies:

Yelp strategies:

LinkedIn strategies:


It is not difficult to learn a new skill or make your online presence available but it will take you time to figure out which strategies work best for your company and how much time do you have for it.

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