As a kid, I was always fond of watching a potter make pottery. It was always an amazing experience watching them take the clay, mix it with the right consistency of water and put it on the potter’s wheel (wheel head). With a focused look and creative hands, they would convert that clay into a beautiful clay pot. To make the pot even more beautiful, the potter or an artist would paint and add lovely colors to the pot to make it stunning. Till today, I am amazed whenever I watch a potter at work and the work produced by the potter.

So, we have all heard about the saying “Data is king” and I so agree to it. But to add essence to the basic concept (don’t I love chocolate syrup on top of my ice-cream), I add that Analytics is King of Kings and Insights is God.

Now, you ask me what is the relationship between a potter’s hard work and the world of data.
·         The clay the potter uses is raw data
·         The basic pot he creates on his potter’s wheel is analytics
·         The beautifully painted pot is the insights that other people understand about the body

Okay, I hear you ask me “what exactly is raw data, analytics and insights?”

Raw Data

Raw data is a term for data collected from a source (from wikipedia). Numbers and more numbers, sometimes in terabytes or greater in size.

Example: You have a very beautiful face.

Another example could be that 100 people visit your website


When you convert the raw data (or numbers) into meaningful patterns, it is called analytics. From Wikipedia, analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Analytics helps you describe, predict and improve business performance.

Example: You have a beautiful face amongst the 100 people I saw in the competition last night and your eyes are the key feature of your face.

In the past month, you have had 100 people visit your website on a daily basis between the times 5PM – 11PM. Most of the people who visit your website are from the US and they visit your website through your Facebook page.


The power of detailed observation and deduction from the information available to you through raw data and analytics.

Example: Since you have the most beautiful face amongst the 100 people I saw last night and your eyes are your key feature, I would recommend that you start using eyeliner and mascara to further make your eyes look more beautiful in the next competition.

Observing that you have most of the people who visit your website do so between 5PM – 11PM and are from the US through Facebook, you might want to consider investing in display ads on Facebook between 5PM – 11PM in the US

This is a high level introduction to the world of data, analytics and insights.

Do you use analytics and insights in your business? What are some of the tools you use for it?


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