You might have come across with this question many times that which of both “In page SEO” and “Off page SEO” is better in comparison. Well to be very honest, there is no satisfactory answer. Where, SEO is important for your website, In page and off page SEO is important too. If you have very little or no knowledge about these two types, it’s better to consult with SEO experts rather than going down the Rabbit Hole. These SEO experts will guide you and suggest what steps you should do to optimize your web page. You can also do research at your own to explore which one is more valuable or the same. Now let’s understand each type separately.

In Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO

In Page SEO

In page or on page optimization refers to all the tricks and factors which affect website ranking on search engine. These tricks and factors are controlled by you directly and you can update content at your website. In page SEO enables your website to read by both your customers and Google robots. Some basic tricks included in In-page SEO are as follow:

  • Identifying effective keywords
  • Meta keywords and Description
  • Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3….)
  • Title Optimization
  • External/Internal Linking Structure

In page SEO will work best when you have focused on right keywords. To find out right keyword you need to research about what your target market type when they are looking for product/services related to your business. As In page SEO gives you the very first opportunity to appear in search engine ranking race. Some essential activities you need to perform includes right optimization of post, images, keywords, heading tags, Meta title & Description and much more.

Advantages of In-Page SEO

  • In page SEO enhances your website appearance on search engine
  • Makes indexing easier
  • Makes your website user friendly
  • It is less expensive and proves to be strong method of online marketing
  • Helps in bringing more organic traffic


Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO deals with the factors and tricks that are not directly controlled by the website creator and involves outside activities that improves position in Search Engine Ranking Page. Your website can get back links from other websites. Here are some common activities to be included in off page SEO:

  • Directory Submission
  • Guest Post Submission
  • Article Submission
  • Link Building
  • Sharing on Social Media
  • Bookmarking

Your website can get quality backlinks through link building and commenting on other sites, sharing your content on social media and posting your articles as guest post to other websites. Off page SEO requires your efforts to align your marketing strategies with SEO techniques.  With the proper implementation of SEO plans you can get quality back links at your website.

Advantages of Off Page SEO

  • Provides your website with high page rank and exposure
  • Off Page SEO gives you back links
  • Helps in more potential conversions
  • Helps your website in increasing social network

There is no agreed answer of which one is more beneficial for website optimization. Off page SEO is as important as In page SEO. You have to practice both in order to maintain your website and get maximum results. While working on in-page SEO, you have to be careful and focused in generating content and keywords you want to optimize. When working on off page SEO you should be considering quality link building and social presence. The right and balanced mix of both will give you fruitful results.

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