Almost everything on the web and virtual world is changing rapidly. Businesses moving towards online marketing, modes of payment are shifted to online payment services and Individuals have become more social than ever.  Focusing one change from the above is online marketing which have made essential for every business to develop their website and get it ranked higher on the search engine. This is what we call Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  Let’s first look at what SEO is?

“Search Engine Optimization can be defined as the process that involves tools, techniques and strategies applied to increase number of visitors and get high rank in search engine”.  There are two main types of SEO plans and for each there are arguments and opinions of different SEO experts as there is no agreed statement of which one is the best. Each of them is discussed below with their relevant arguments:

One Time SEO Vs Ongoing SEO

One Time SEO

One Time SEO is usually needed when a new website is launched. You can search for keywords that you want to optimize for each page of your website. Some basic techniques for one time SEO are Meta Tag Optimization, Meta Description Optimization, Search Engine Submission and Directory Submission.  The possible arguments for one time SEO are as follows:

Essential When a New Website is Built

When a new website is launched, it requires optimization and visitors for which one time SEO is the best option. Because you have just build your online presence you need to work on keyword optimization from the scratch therefore, your website is in need of one time SEO.

Observation of Results for One Time

It’s good to work on initial one-time SEO and then monitor the results and effectiveness before going for ongoing SEO. Once you are done with one time or basic SEO, you will get an idea from the results that how should you go about in the future.

Your Website Can Get Its Online Identity

As mentioned above, newly developed website needs identity in online world. For this purpose one time SEO can help a lot, at least your business website appears in World Wide Web.

It’s Cost Effective and Contributes In ROI

One time SEO does not cost much for companies. If you do one time SEO by keeping in focus all the required professional and technical strategies, you’ll get something as Return on Investment.


Ongoing SEO

Ongoing SEO is more professional and requires technical abilities. According to many SEO experts, SEO is an ongoing process because of the dynamic nature of market and web. Some basic techniques for ongoing SEO are Google Analytics Setup, Content Optimization, Link Building, Guest Post, Search Ranking report and Website Traffic Analysis. Let’s look at some supporting arguments for ongoing SEO:

Technology is Not Static

The technological world is so dynamic that we never know what’s going to happen in the next minute. There is a continuous change in the market conditions. The language and content on your website must be updated according to market changes which require application of ongoing SEO.

Competition Has Increased

The competition is so intense among the businesses that if you fail to cope up with your rivals, you will be out of business.  You must do efforts to get your website ranked highly than your competition and this can only happen with ongoing SEO strategies.

Business Requirement Has Changed

With the change in industry and trends of target market, requirements of business have changed too. Today, you may want to optimize your site in one region but in future you would want to optimize in another region as well because of the expansion of target market or organization. Now, the best you can do is to apply ongoing SEO techniques to work in parallel with business needs.

Trend of Regular Analysis and Reporting

The business world is now automated that demands real time reporting and review of data.  You need to evaluate every second of your website performance, making and presentation of reports on time.  This regular check is possible with ongoing SEO from where you can track your periodic performance.


You may choose on your own by evaluating which one gives you the most value. You can ask and consult with SEO experts in this regard. You may set your priority list by setting criteria such as cost, time, efficiency and industry practice. A marketing manager can weigh and balance both types and may opt for one or both. Whatever plan you select, you should remember that SEO requires time to deliver results.

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