Should small businesses invest in SEO

Should small businesses invest in SEO? Have you ever wondered on the importance of SEO to your business and how SEO can help elevate your online business presence, resulting in more traffic/leads for your website? Let us spotlight the role of SEO that is played in online marketing.

Many of the small to medium businesses face challenges in allocating and expanding their budget for online marketing and being convinced over SEO cost. SEO is a long term investment and businesses who invest in SEO yield far better results than those who do not. It offers a wide array of advantages and increases the ranking of business which in return results in more traffic, inquiries, sales and more business for them. Below are some of the many factors that would convince you in investing into Search Engine Optimization:

Investment not cost:

So far many businesses have learnt that SEO is not a cost to be calculated to grow business but an investment for better future and with high returns. When entering into the digital/online world, you will realize the power of “Keywords” play the most important role in search engines. If your website is appearing on your industry relevant keywords, your website would be ranked higher on search engines and in conversion rate, giving you a better edge to your competitors.

Your best employee:

Who do you think can be your best employees who works all day long, 365 days a year never gets sick no vacations and most importantly they do whatever they are told to do?; YES it’s your WEBSITE, It helps in multitasking, pulling in sales and handling number of scenarios and limits itself only to what is told. It can turn out to be your sales rockstar by performing at its best.

And how your website can perform at its best is through SEO which ensures your website has the necessary tools covered that search engines take into account. SEO heeds your sales, making highest returns by giving it the right weight and concentrating on your marketing armory.

Attractive and easy going website:

Small businesses should consider a number of factors when developing their websites:

  • Your website should always be user friendly – making it easy to navigate for the users.
  • The website should be designed in an attractive manner, ensuring the interest of the user to stay on your website.
  • Your services/information that you are offering should be laid out extensively/comprehensively in layman’s terms and to also keep into account the words relevant to what you are offering are included within the content of your website.
  • Website that are nicely designed and developed, having the right amount of content appearing on them are more likely to gain better ranking and visibility than others.
  • Call to action is the key to converting visitors into buyers. Make sure your website has clear call to action elements appearing.
  • Including reviews and testimonials appearing on the website helps the users to better evaluate your business and building trust in what you are offering.
  • Having all of the above and not paying required attention to on-page and off-page optimization will not get you much further really. This is where SEO steps in; making sure the efforts you put in designing an attractive website is also registered with search engines as well so that your website gets the best rating it deserves.

Social Media presence:

Different search engines look at things in different ways nowadays than how they were few years back. In recent studies, search engines are giving more priority to businesses with high social media presence. Social media is getting much more powerful than ever before as search engines tracks social media updates frequency and customers engagement too when analyzing your website.  Google ranks those websites higher who keep them self polished over social media so make sure you have a strong social media presence and that it is frequently updated as it plays a key role in optimizing your website.

Keep the competitor down:

If you are not doing it right then someone else will and this is where you may be falling behind. SEO is an on-going process and it will always make you stronger and keep you ahead of the game and if you are not following it then you are leaving ground for your competitors.


An organic SEO with best chosen KEYWORDS can bring astonishing results to your website.  If you really looking for online success then act smart and go for SEO and make your business presence highlighted over the internet all round the year.


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