Looking out of the windows to the gray skies and the drizzling rain I remembered that a year has passed before I realized it. Sometimes it feels like time is flying away and sometimes it feels like it has stopped and is watching us. The past year was a challenging year, 80% of the people I have asked felt relieved the year was over.

It felt like a year with lack of trust, belief and more deceit. But you have to agree with me that this year has also made you stronger than you have ever been. It has brought you some treasured learnings along the way and you appreciate each day. I have absolutely no doubt that the year has prepared me for all the goodies in life and I thank 2012 for that.

I started this blog out of a pain I felt and could express through my first blog post. It morphed into notes that I created for my certification and then became a blog of my knowledge of the online world and career. This was one of the nicest things that happened and if time permits I will continue working on it for a long time. Dedicated to the year that has found a passion and a skill that was hidden somewhere deep:

They say that I truly inspire them, they say that they look up at me.
But I am a simple person who just has had a few bumps in life.

Small, petite, fragile were my looks, nobody wanted to hurt me as a kid.
All thought that I would break with the smallest blow to my heart.

As a kid, nobody spoke to me with a loud voice.
The fear that the river of tears would start an emotional turmoil.

Not once was I shouted at, not once was a loud voice spoken to me.
Delicately was I brought up by my family and friends, shielded from the ugly truths of life.

When destiny brought its interesting turns in my life.
Some folks thought I would break, others thought it would break my heart.

After the initial anguish of the situation, I got up, dusted and faced it with a smile.
And moved on to the next phase of my life.

No, I am not a hero, but a simple human going through interesting phases of life.
Joy, happiness and love to all those that surround me, that is all I ask from thee.
Thank you 2012 for showing me the true colors of my friends and family.

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